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Foldable Training Snuffle Mat

Foldable Training Snuffle Mat

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Our Foldable Training Snuffle Mat is a simple and effective way to make feeding time more engaging and stimulating for your dog! Help your dog burn off excess energy and keep them entertained. Snuffle mats are a great way to feed your dog, give them treats, or play with them.

Our mat features a circular snuffle mat in the center with various geometric shapes and puzzles on the outside corners to give your dog a variety of challenges. They are 100% machine and hand washable, make cleaning and care a breeze. The entire mat folds up and clips together for easy travel and storage. 


- Made out of high-quality, non-toxic materials

- Durable and odorless for your dog's safety

- 100% machine and hand washable

- Sewn-in patterns for durability

- Size: 70 x 70 cm

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