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Dog Paw Puzzle

Dog Paw Puzzle

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Keep your dog engaged during their feeding or treat time and stimulate their mind with our Dog Paw Puzzle! There are levers and panels that you can hide treats and food under and your dog has to push the panels away with their paws or nose to reveal the treat. It is a great way to make treats and food more rewarding for you dog as they are working to find and reveal the treats. Also helps to slow down their eating habits greatly, which can help to lower the chances of obesity and bloating in your dog.



- Hide treats for your dog to find

- Keep them engaged during feeding time and promote slower eating

- Promotes better digestion of their food

- 4 paws of the toy have individual panels to hide treats in

- Main section has a circular puzzle with three panels that rotate in a circle to reveal 4 hidden treat locations underneath

- Comes in three different color options: green, blue, and pink


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