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Dog Slow Feeder Bowl Insert

Dog Slow Feeder Bowl Insert

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Does your dog eat too fast? Did you know that eating too fast can lead to serious digestive and health issues in the future? Slow down your dog's eating pace by turning any food bowl into a slow feeder bowl with our new Slow Feeder Insert! Help keep your dog healthy by slowing down their eating pace! This helps to better their digestion and reduce their risk of obesity and bloating.

Also helps make feeding time more enjoyable for your dog and allows them to truly enjoy their food rather than rushing through their meal. Helps to stimulate your dog's mind during feeding time. 


- Made of BPA free food safe silicone material

- Suction bottom to securely attach to your dog's bowl

- Pinwheel design separates the food into separate sections to slow down your dog's eating pace

- Works with most dog bowl sizes

- Size: 12.5x12.5x7cm

- Weight: 89g

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